Commercial Video Presentation 9/18/2020

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Video Treatments
Emotion: Comfort, Confidence and Happiness

The main idea behind each video is to convey a singular message:
Develop Trust About Our Health
On An Ongoing Basis.

Narrative-Style Video

A video, or set of videos (it is anticipated that there will be a “master” edit with all characters and smaller edits with one character each).

This video series highlights the brand position and the features and benefits of the ConfirmedHealth Wearable.


  • Child(ren) who use the wearable at home/school
  • One parent who uses the wearable at work
  • One parent who uses the wearable at home
  • Grandparent who uses the wearable for a hobby (gardening, woodworking)

Docu-Style Case Study Video

An actual case-study recorded on video. The wearables will be offered free-of-charge to a group for testing the technology.

Ideally, the casting process will identify test subjects that can demonstrate use of the device in various settings:


  • Family – use in home-life, school and recreation
  • Work – the family should be part of small business – one whose employees can also use the device
  • Social – member(s) of the family will demonstrate use of the device in social settings (hiking or playing a card game)



ConfirmedHealth Video Examples (Clips)



Jaybird Freedom

Logitech Circle

Logitech Circle 3


As part of our preparation for this presentation, we did a keyword audit on ConfirmedHealth, based on the early conversations we had and the information we were able to pull from your website. There is a full analysis you can do, of course, with this data, but for the purposes of this presentation we are only going to look at the top searches.

Keyword Difficulty Searches Clicks
blood pressure 90 308000 123179
stroke 87 176000 45686
pulse oximeter 11 54000 20985
vital 47 52000 7347
ambulatory 36 48000 5335
gyroscope 58 43000 11104
heart rate 79 43000 13251
heart rate monitor 52 35000 16722
cardiac output 18 31000 4607
stroke volume 12 30000 4854
telehealth 73 29000 10586
accelerometer 48 25000 6361
pulse rate 72 23000 8432
heart monitor 40 20000 5683
pulse pressure 8 20000 4701

This keyword analysis is fundamental to our method for marketing videos. We emphasize that we create “Media That Works” by researching potential uses of the media to make sure that we are helping create content that your marketing team can exploit effectively.

The above table shows the keywords we reviewed that had a U.S. Monthly Search Volume of more that 20K searches. The difficulty is on a scale (1-100). Anything over 40 is most likely going to be pretty expensive to exploit because it suggests that those keywords have a lot of saturation online from other marketing and content.

You will also see how many of those searches yield actual clicks.

Based on this data, the best bang-for-buck can be achieved by focusing on the following keywords. We will be happy to customize the content to fit these keywords, if you feel they also hit the key goals of ConfirmedHealth:

  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Cardiac Output
  • Stroke Volume
  • Pulse Pressure
  • Heart Monitor

We also researched one of your perceived competitors, BioBeats as part of a competitive analysis. They have been engaging in some marketing around their brand name, but not enough to dominate the category. This suggests that potentially doing a comparative content piece, may be effective. They also are doing some work on the following keywords, so you may consider creating content that can outrank them here:

  • PPG Medical
  • Smart Monitoring
  • Biobeat
  • Biobeats